Why You Should Invest in AjoMoney Dollar Investment Clans Today

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In the last 24 hours, We have heard and read different things about what will happen to the prices of things in the coming weeks. As an interesting breed that we are in Nigeria, we still make light of every issue regardless of how serious and urgent it is! There have also been different memes and jokes about the rise in the Naira to Dollar exchange rate.

There is no doubt that when the Naira to Dollar exchange rate was at #450 / $1 was a great time to invest in Dollars but honestly, the second best time is now.

You can invest in dollars right on your AjoMoney App by joining a dollar investment clan. These are short term investments with a duration of 3 months (Dollar Fixed Income investment clan), and 6 months (Dollar Real Estate investment clan), and with just $10 (N6,600 at the current rate), you can be a proud dollar investor!

Here’s how to begin!

  • Download the AjoMoney app on Playstore or Appstore
  • Sign up on the app by following the prompts that pops up
  • When registration is complete, Click on investment clan
  • Next, click on “Join an Investment Clan”
  • You can now select your preferred investment Clan!

With AjoMoney Investment clans, you enjoy interest on your dollar investments as an individual + as a clan — double profit! All these benefits while your money grows as the exchange rate increases.

Who says you can’t make money on AjoMoney app? We hope the economy of Nigeria becomes stronger, and our currency regains its value soon. While we keep doing our part to make our country better, why not also secure your wealth by joining an AjoMoney dollar investment clan?

Don’t miss out on this! 

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