Online Ajo with AjoMoney helps me pay my bills

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With My Ajo Story, we intend to inspire you and spur you to also start saving and enjoy access to interest-free credit. Financial freedom isn’t a fluke, It’s achievable!  We will share the story of one saver and how AjoMoney is helping them save towards achieving their financial goals early without the burden of high interest loans, save for early credit and also early investment.

Hello, Can we meet you?

My name is Pearl Allison and I’m an Administrator and Senior Associate at PWC Nigeria.

How did you discover AjoMoney?

My first contact with the app was through a friend in mid 2021. She introduced me to the benefits of the app and how it can impact my savings and access to credit. I joined at the very early stage of the platform and I have been growing with it alongside the new update and new features released till date.

Were you part of any Ajo Group before joining AjoMoney

Yes. I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t done Ajo before. Lol

I have been doing ajo before AjoMoney but when I was told about online ajo, I was amused and felt like, why has no one done this before? So I decided to check it out.

What kept you glued to AjoMoney?

I love doing Ajo but AjoMoney digitalizing the whole process is just amazing!

The stress of chasing after Co-savers to pay up their own part of the Ajo has been eliminated by AjoMoney. I also love that AjoMoney doesn’t default on the break date as I always get the money contributed the stipulated date by the app.

Are there some benefits you enjoy in AjoMoney that’s not present in the traditional system of Ajo?

AjoMoney is digital and I don’t have to know my co-savers on a personal level so this gives it an edge over the traditional saving system. The stress of chasing that friend or colleague has been taken off me. All I do now is join a group, pick a number and start saving!

Are there any goals you have achieved using AjoMoney?

  1. Ajo is always a good thing when you collect first but there is also that need to have money put aside somewhere else. With AjoMoney, setting some funds aside has been made seamless!
  2.  The virtual Dollar card on AjoMoney came in really handy as well.
  3. Presently, I pay my bills with AjoMoney especially the IKEDC bill – we used to go all the way to our former merchant for this so it’s beautiful that this came in handy when we really needed it.

Now I’m planning to start off the thrift savings, and maybe the dollars investment clan, and see how that works and where it takes me. I know there’s so much more that the app offers as well – I plan to get into them all!

On a scale of 10, rate your experience on AjoMoney

Everything good can be perfect so I’ll say 8/10

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