Baba Alajo Series: Life and Where It Brings Us (Episode 1)

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These days I discovered that I have been soliloquizing so much and the reason is that the problems in my head are a lot. I have finally decided to document the happenings in my life so that you people can see what I do, what I truly am, and most especially the things your fellow human beings have been doing to me. So, it is safe to say welcome to my life and thought process.  

My name is Baba Alajo and as the name connotes I go around to take Ajo which is known as thrift contribution. Most people see me as a means to financial freedom and some see me as the man who keeps walking around with probably no aim.

I walked past a shop one day and I overheard some children calling me NFA. I wondered why they called me that because I wasn’t wearing a Nigerian football jersey, and neither did I look like I had legs to play shots. I then discovered that it meant No future ambition. Like woooow, me to you, you to NEPA pole. I was named just because I am always walking around. In this life, just do good.

So if I am not NFA what am I? Simple! I take scheduled contributions from people and give the lump sum according to how the number is picked and this continues until the full cycle is completed. I know as time goes on you will understand this scheme better.

So how did I start this business? Earlier in my life (not like I am even old), I decided to save for a project and before I executed it, something just swallowed the money up. I did this time and time again until I was introduced to Baba Kekere in Ibadan from whom I borrowed a lump sum that accrued interest over time. Everywhere was red and I couldn’t pay back in time. Haaa! Baba Kekere tormented my life and threatened me with all sorts. I began to hide like a wanted criminal (well, I was). To God be the glory I didn’t end up homeless as I sold almost all I had to pay back. 

You know whenever I hear people say “it saw the light of the day” I laugh because that project only saw one day. The business packed up like smoke as I could not fund it properly.

 After this life-threatening incident, I imagined a lot of people in that same dilemma. Then, I remembered how my mum in those days used to cater to the family through the century-aged Ajo contribution. And boom, my waka waka began.

The major thing I am solving is to ease the financial pressure on people especially when they have financial goals to meet.

I am a staunch believer that you can have it all, especially if it is top on your priority list. This business has proved to be a very reliable source of financial and credit systems for people (both the banked and unbanked).

 So now that the story has changed, I changed the NFA to mean “New Financial Options”. From now, you will be hearing me everywhere as I plan to take this gospel to the ends of the earth. 

 Thanks— I’ll see myself out.

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    I enjoyed reading this !