Baba Alajo Series: TABLE FOR TWO(Episode 4)

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Don’t judge me. Again don’t judge me. 

I need to ask an honest question from the people who make up the customer support team. Sometimes, do they feel like inflicting harm on some customers? Or sometimes wish they brought pepper spray to work. I honestly feel like the work ethic of “the customer is always right” is not true at all times. Some need maximum decking and tearing slaps that would remove two front teeth. Because right now, I want to deck a customer. 

“I know it is not you but me”. These were the confusing words Chidozie spoke to me on a hot Saturday afternoon. Honestly, when I started this Ajo contribution I thought human beings would try to be less human by just trying to keep up with certain commitments. And yes, I am well aware of the fact that most humans don’t keep to their words. But what if you keep your words based on an incentive received? 

I have been muttering to myself “why are human beings like this” all day as I had a wild chase with Chidozie. I had been calling him for days to remind him of the next contribution. I remember vividly how he came to me with a desperate intention to join an Ajo group while giving me the tragic story of his life. My people, I listened and even cried a little because his story was so touching. I mean Nigeria is already hard as it is, when people now go through life issues it feels like the universe decided to punish them for the sins of their fathers. 

To cut the short story long, Chidozie explained to me that he needed some amount for his child’s surgery and I quickly shifted his number after a negotiation with Mama Waje who exchanged numbers with him because she could still allow some allowance. He cashed out as number two and then disappeared. It was time for payment and Chidozie was nowhere to be found. I called and called until I had to pay for the money he defaulted. After trying to look for him, to my utmost surprise, I was told that he was not even married talk much of having a child. The major reason I did this for him was to promote the goal of Ajo groups which is community financing but in turn Baba Alajo was scammed.

I finally ran into him in Ojota car park and he took to his heels. Did I catch him abi? LOL. I caught him and this guy denied knowing me. I tried explaining to the people who came around to save him that he cashed a lump sum out of an Ajo group contribution and didn’t pay it back. I was asked for evidence and I had nothing to show because right there I wasn’t with my booklets. That was how he slipped off my hands. 

I am most grateful that I wasn’t mobbed as a kidnapper. Human Beings! I have decided that from now, I would conduct the necessary know your customer rule before adding anyone to my group. All necessary documentation, address verification, and identity verification will be gotten. If not, these people will run me down. Even though there is still the thought of how to ascertain the right home address, at least I am doing something to mitigate defaulters.

This is now a table for two, if you can’t abide by the requirements, then please meuveee.

Thanks— I’ll see myself out

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