Baba Alajo Series: SANDWICHES, AMALA AND BIG STOUT. (Episode 5)

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“Palazzo jiggy gboja mo ti cash out, ko de sewu” …… Whatever the singer Asake said. 

If you don’t understand what I just said honestly I cannot help you just know that I am very excited. You would say what exactly is wrong with Baba Alajo? Yes, I know I am supposed to be recovering from the beating I almost got at Ojota two weeks ago but I am glad to announce to you that the second set of my Ajo group just cashed out.

Now you see why I am happy. The first time a member cashed out, I thought it was by sheer luck and so I didn’t celebrate. Now this second time assures me that I must be doing something right. It was so bothersome that I didn’t even spend the commission I collected from the group.

Talking about commission, I had a brief discussion with Mama Waje today. She hinted to me as to how some people were not so comfortable with the commission I was taking from their lump sum. I honestly want to believe that my members don’t think they are doing me a favor with this commission. I am saying this because it is incredible how you save 5000 naira to get 50,000 with repayment of 0 interest at your own convenient time and with just 2000 naira commission. People need to understand that most things that give joy and credibility to the human mind come at a price. If you know the ball, you would know how beneficial Ajo is to you.

I explained to Mama Waje that it was impossible to even get such amounts from the bank without paying a higher interest. Even the swiftness at which the loan is granted is another wahala that they have to deal with. Ajo has therefore made it easy and quick to access funds with little or no interest attached to it. So I don’t think the commission charged is ridiculous compared to the incentive given. I also explained to her that each lump sum has its distinct commission. Hopefully, she spreads this gospel like the talker that she is.

So, Mama Nkechi cashed out and she almost licked my feet. She finally was able to get the grinding machine she had always wanted. I was filled with utmost joy because this is the major aim of Ajo, easing financial pressures. You should also trust that she has trumpeted this business to the other women in her sphere.

And to the highlight of the week. My peopleeeee! I went to a cafeteria to eat Amala and take a lirru bit of small stout. While I was singing my song, a boy played it for me by just speaking on his phone. I was amazed. All he said was “Alexa play me palazzo by Asake” and the music started playing. Guys, he didn’t have to do anything or touch his phone. Technology has gone far and now I am thinking if there is a way to say “Alexa collect all my Ajo contributions for this month” because honestly this waka waka aff tire me.

This was the highlight of my week because true innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way. Hopefully, Ajo gets to this point.

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