AjoMoney Taught Me How to Control My Spending

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Today, we speak to Suleiman Maryam, an onboarding analyst at an e-commerce organization. Maryam shares her Ajo Story and how she had difficulty tracking her spending until a friend introduced her to AjoMoney!

Hello, Can we meet you?

Hello, my name is Maryam, I am an onboarding analyst at an e-commerce organization.

How did you discover AjoMoney?

I got to know about AjoMoney through a friend. I kept complaining about how I wasn’t able to account for my money and I needed a place I could just put it and also be able to take it out at a particular time to execute some projects. My friend told me about AjoMoney and it has been an interesting ride ever since.

Were you part of any Ajo Group before joining AjoMoney

No. I was never part of any Ajo group before joining AjoMoney. This is my first time joining a rotating savings group and I’m loving it.

What kept you glued to AjoMoney?

AjoMoney has really been a great experience, the platform is not too complicated to decipher. I like that I can see my money, and analyze my financial journey and growth. I like the security AjoMoney has provided because here I do not have to worry about someone running away with my cash. Each process is seamless and to top it all, the customer service is amazing!

Are there any goals you have achieved using AjoMoney?

It is important to note that I am a new user with most of my targets yet to be achieved. However, I am optimistic that with AjoMoney, I am going to achieve a lot and more.

On a scale of 10, rate your experience on AjoMoney

I’ll rate AjoMoney 10. Thank you for saving my financial health and helping me build wealth! 

With My Ajo Story, we intend to inspire you and spur you to also start saving and enjoy access to interest-free credit. Financial freedom isn’t a fluke, It’s achievable!  We will share the story of one saver and how AjoMoney is helping them save towards achieving their financial goals early without the burden of high-interest loans, save for early credit, and also an early investment.

How can I control my spending habits?

Automate your savings! It always works. Connect your card to the AjoMoney app and automate your savings

How do I stop myself from spending money?

  • Create a saving plan on AjoMoney
  • Save Intentionally
  • Avoid Impulsive Spending
  • Create a budget

How do you cut unnecessary spending?

  • Avoid eating out always
  • Add other sources of income
  • Automate your savings on AjoMoney

How much should you be saving a month?

Use the budget rule. The 50/30/20 rule of thumb simplifies budgeting for you. You allocate 50% of your income to needs, 30% to wants, and 20% to savings.

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