3 reasons you should join an Ajo group

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There have been lots of misconceptions about the benefits of joining the Ajo group. Asides from saving money for a while to meet set financial goals, joining an Ajo group also comes with lots of perks and advantages.

If you have ever wondered what you stand to gain in joining an Ajo group on AjoMoney. Here are 3 reasons you should join:


This is what automatically comes along, by nature of being in a saving group. You are required to pay a certain amount every month, and this gives you some form of discipline in your spending. Knowing how important discipline is for entrepreneurs, joining a thrift/saving group should be an option to consider.

Funding Projects made easy

Getting a loan or funding for projects or business expansion has been difficult, especially for young entrepreneurs. This is not just because of the lack of collateral, but also because of the tedious procedure involved in applying for loans. However, the Thrift Contribution group solves this problem. Because members make contributions monthly, it becomes quite easy for members to access loans and other benefits from their savings.

Scaling up business SMEs

Thrift Contribution groups have helped a lot of small-scale businesses grow into medium-scale businesses. This has been made possible as members are able to access cheap loans from their savings to further develop their business ideas, as well as get business tips from fellow members who have much more experience than them.


Getting into a saving group teaches you how to save better, and increase your quality of life and general well-being. Ajo groups are also designed to help you like others to attain unimaginable heights in your finances, see you through new projects and also help you scale up your businesses.

There are no losses in community financing but rather strength and encouragement to keep up with your saving habits.

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