12 Weeks Away; Will Your December Be Detty Or Not?

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If fear did not grip you as you read the heading then there are two options. It is either you have savings to detty this December or you just cannot kill yourself. If you fall under the first option trust me you would be playing Asake’s “Terminator” this December and if you fall under the second option you would be playing King Sunny Ade’s debut song titled “Appreciation” to just dance and thank God for life. 

I started the middle of the year with the motto “SAPA no fit hold me” as I was taught a big lesson in the earlier part of the year. This one is a story for another day. Anyways, I am glad to announce to you that this writer is not only dettying this December but also sorting out the early part of next year. I will be cashing out a total sum of about Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (250,000) in December and this is apart from my other savings. 

In this write-up, I would be telling you what to do and how you can achieve a detty December. I am sure if we were to be audited a lot of us will be in deficit. To do better next year, then you need to work towards having a balanced life. Why should you work all through the year just to pay bills? At least if you can’t detty this December you can meet your next year’s aim by working pro-actively to overcome any shortfall next year. Here are a few things to take note of:

Have an opportunity cost

Opportunity cost is simply what you have to give up for another. It is you choosing to buy a wig at the expense of saving for rent. I know some will say Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once). Anyway, there are so many open spaces to sleep in, all you need to do is to choose a place. 

Plan realistic goals

My dear, you and I know that you can’t accrue up to 500,000 next year even if you join all the Ajo groups and have kolo savings. It is either you default or you don’t eat at all. Someone said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars”. This is not so in every situation because sometimes you will land in Ojota. In the bid of setting stringent rules for yourself, you can lose it. As much as I want you to have a strong financial life, I hope you take it easy on yourself because at AjoMoney we still need you. 


Focus and leave that vendor alone. If we are to calculate the amount you have spent on Shawarma and small chops this year, you should be able to buy a plot of Land in Ibadan. Yes, I am talking to you. This is a call not to eat with your 10 fingers. Focus on that financial goal.

In this community, we thrive on helping each other. Let me walk you through how I achieved my financial goal and how you can too.

First, I launched 2 Kolo savings on the AjoMoney app and set it to auto-charge directly from my card. I started this kolo savings in July. And guess what? I save just 200 naira daily on one and 1500 weekly on the other. Kolo on the AjoMoney app is a feature that keeps your money locked in for 3 months. You can also decide not to break it when the money matures. For you that you are sure you are not dettying this December, this is your discipline plug. I won’t forget to tell you that the amount saved accrues interest. As a modest person, this would go a long way for my December.

Another feature I used is the Ajo (Rotating group savings) feature. I can’t overemphasize how Ajo has helped me this year. All the projects I planned on venturing into got funded by Ajo. As I don’t have collateral security for getting loans, AjoMoney has been my savior. I joined 2 rotating groups. One is contributing 10,000 naira monthly to cash out a lump sum of 50,000naira and the other is 5,000naira monthly to cash out 25,000naira. Please do the math and see that I am a baller, not a mechanic.

Finally, I invested in the AjoMoney investment clan after which my beloved naira fell. In this clan, users come together to invest with an expectant return of up to 20% on both naira and dollar investments. Here the higher the amount of capital in the investment pool the higher the stake of the users in the clan. This further explains that each investor in this clan has a share in the overall amount invested by everybody in the clan. This made me a complete baller as I invested in the former dollar rate. You know what it is now right?

Dear reader, if you start a plan today, I believe you should still be able to detty this December a bit. If you are in a city like Lagos please don’t do fine dining when you cash out, just stick to shawarma and chicken suya. Remember that enjoyment is relative.

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